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Trunky Juno spells the tricky words for you in ‘Oxford English Dictionary’

Trunky Juno spells the tricky words for you in   ‘Oxford English Dictionary’

After delighting so many with his impressive ‘Good Dog’ EP in September last year, which went onto find support from Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1) and Zane Lowe (Apple Music 1), as well as being curated on Spotify playlists like ‘Fresh Finds’, ‘Melomania’ and ‘Garden Indie’, fast-rising artist Trunky Juno returns to deliver his first piece of new material for 2022, the vibrant new single ‘Oxford English Dictionary’.

Continuing his venture through the rich and woozy realm of the psych-pop sound, ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ offers up yet another wonderfully infectious delight from the Newcastle native. Brimming with fresh and sun-kissed textures, a sweeping atmosphere, and his own captivating vocals at the helm, he is kicking off the next phase of his career with one of his most loveable offerings to date.

Speaking about the new offering, he said: “I still find it difficult to spell Mississippi, but I did manage to write a fun song. It’s a hooky Alt-Pop that will confidently power walk you straight back to the Trunky Superstore for more Trunky. Oxford English Dictionary was one of those tracks that sounded great as soon as I made the demo, lot’s of those parts made it into the final version because they’re so full of that sense of initial inspiration.”

Behind a well-established moustache and deadpan inclinations, North Eastern indie maverick Trunky Juno resides within his own sphere of off-kilter artistry. Known for his masterful lyricism, warped sounds and bold ideations, the Durham native brings a spritely disposition to the alternative music scene, twisting the mundane into something entertaining. Now backed by a diverse and relatable repertoire, the zany universe of Trunky Juno is beginning its glorious expansion.

The original dream was to be a Backstreet Boy, a far cry from his current musical positioning. However, in some metaphysical way, we can all agree that Trunky Juno is their sixth unofficial member. Truly a musician who’s done it all, he is a name well-known to his locale having cut his teeth in many a jazz, punk and indie bands. Elsewhere inspired by the 90s slacker rock of Weezer and Beck, as well as the psychedelic tendencies of The Flaming Lips and quirky offerings of Mac Demarco, Trunky Juno finds no better way to spend his time than spinning idiosyncratic tales of our society and the pop culture that engulfs it, covering every corner of our sonic landscape.

Outside of his attributions to the alternative music scene, Trunky Juno is an avid admirer of all forms of creativity, oft finding beauty in the abstract, be it his deep-rooted love for professional wrestling, 80s horror films or sculpting plasticine expressions onto hard-boiled eggs. He says, “I always wonder what it would be like to hear music without knowing anything about music, and that’s what I like about other art forms. I like that I know nothing about them and I can just appreciate them in a more abstract way without thinking about the gritty details.”


Trunky Juno’s new single ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ will be available to stream from the 29th June 2022 via Silent Kid Records.



29th July 2022 – Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival – Inverness, Scotland

15th October 2022 – Live At Leeds Festival – Leeds, England


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