Ok I get it, The comparisons that is. In the opening 30 seconds of track 1 of 6, ‘you need it!” You could be forgiven you had accidently put on Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots for a never wasted spin , before it instantly melts into the raw pre punk wailing energy of say New York Dolls. For something a bit more contemporary I instantly think of The Hives, and like the cult Swedish rockers of another previous glorious heyday, The Lotts don’t so much wear their influences on their sleeve but blind you with some batman esque beacon. New York Dolls, Stooges, The black Keys. Why go on, lots of great bands, and this is only a testament to me trying to describe how good I think this EP is. 2022 Where every band sounds the same, or is trying to, and Arctic Monkeys whom everyone is trying to emulate paddle off down Scott Walker Lagoon. Maybe Its unfair on bands like Fat White Family or Fontaine’s DC, to say no body is really matching anarchic energy with songcraft at this moment in time, you can go watch Rolling Stones or Paul Mccartney ..still, and why wouldnt you? Even Liam G is having a resurgence in an uninspired market, for those of us who like to sing along out of key.. and we do. There’s good old Ed Sheeran and Sam fender (the mainstream SOS) selling out stadiums everywhere singing songs that were probably just as boring when they wrote them in their bedroom. Ok I’ve gone off on a rant, maybe I’ve just been worn down by all the shite,. but what I’m trying to say is this band, The Lotts, they have energy, they have crystal clear riffs, Catchy tunes and they continue a time honoured tradition that seems to be getting more diluted in the making of music these days, they are sounding like they are having fun and have some inspiration to spare in their back pocket, I would want to be in this band. This is music to burn sausages to, its music to run home to, It music to jump up and down to, Its music to mosh to, to kiss to.

Its what music should be, Its fresh its off the cuff, It is Ice Cold! and it sounds fucking great.

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