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Theresa’s 12th Single ‘Magic’ is a Dance-Pop Party Full of Hope and Positivity

Theresa’s 12th Single ‘Magic’ is a Dance-Pop Party Full of Hope and Positivity

In the daytime, Theresa is an advertising music executive who has been working in the music industry for years. But when the sun goes down, she’s a popstar and performer with an attitude and fiery passion. She’s been writing songs since she was just 11 years old and has long dreamed of being the next Madonna.

She says: “I wanted to BE Madonna when I was younger. It really wasn’t about her sex appeal. I just loved her style and her story. I loved seeing what she was going to do next. And I loved that she did it ALL. She wrote, she sang, she acted. And she still does it on her terms.”

But Theresa hit some tough times and had to abandon her dreams of becoming an artist, and instead she worked behind the scenes in the music industry for many years, taking on a role at Jive Records and then Sheryl Crow’s management company. Eventually, her yearning for her own music career became too much and she realised that she has the gift of music that she needs to share with the world.

In 2019, Theresa released her first single and then a further 10 throughout the pandemic, proving that nothing can stop her now. On the 1st of July, she will release her 12th single, ‘Magic’. The 42-year-old from New York can’t stop releasing bangers, and ‘Magic’ will continue that trend. The track begins with an impactful drum beat to get the listener going, giving off a similar energy as Shakira’s famous song ‘Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)’. In fact, these songs are also similar in outlook, as they both deliver positive, optimistic messages in a dance-pop style. Theresa has really nailed the relatability factor with this track, with lyrics in the verses of struggles and emotional issues that people may be experiencing, especially in relation to the past two years of lockdowns. But then she comes through with a powerful, uplifting chorus which she sings in a Gaga-like manner, singing straight into the listeners’ hearts that they all have magic within them. A happy message with a fun, upbeat musical backdrop? Don’t mind if I do!

“I want to inspire people to follow their dreams – no matter how big – at any stage. I firmly believe that if we do believe in ourselves and embrace all that life has to offer, we can do anything we put our minds to. Our dreams do NOT expire!”, she expresses.

It’s hard to resist putting this song on repeat on a sunny day and I’m sure it’ll make its way on to everyone’s summer playlist. It’ll be out on 1st of July, so get it in your calendar!


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