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Tapes Off The Track: The Sundowners

Urbanista’s Tapes Off The Track is a series of live recordings of local music talent, filmed in some of Merseyside’s most idyllic settings, with the aim of capturing the magic of our chosen artists in their purest, most stripped back form. Here is a session from Fi & Niamh from The Sundowners…

The Sundowners have wasted no time recording their 2nd album. After making their mark on the gig and festival circuit, The Sundowners released their debut album to nationwide praise. Now they were back with a collection of cult inspired and more introspective songs. Their new album was in the process of being mixed and mastered, but we were lucky enough to get a peek first hand of what they had been up to! In this session, they play new tracks ‘Cut The Master’ and ‘Horizon’, shot in the beautiful surroundings of Bidston Lighthouse by LaDeLa and at Urbanista we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Urbanista Interview The Sundowners

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