Letoa is an 18-year-old singer whose debut single was released only three years ago. Since then, he has dominated the rap industry. The Samoan, Australian musician achieved a remarkable 13 million plays on Spotify with the smash tune entitled Slatnoslime. After experiencing what it was like to have a number one single, his drive to keep putting out chart toppers became undeniable. After working persistently and releasing more art for his audience, Letoa accumulates over 1 million monthly listeners to date.

Following the success of his debut single, he and lilbubblegum collaborated on guap”, which became an instant hit. The two singers were already successful on their own, but their musical synergy culminated in 14 million Spotify streams and 4.7 million YouTube views. Following such a good response from their fans, the tag team went on to release further records. Their chemistry was reflected in the music, resulting in songs like E-girl and E45, which went viral. Aesthetic rap grew in popularity as a result of the duo’s catchy cadences and memorable hooks.

Letoa ended 2020 with a bang by releasing his solo tune “BAND$,” which was produced by $UPREME. The trajectory set him up for a terrific start to the New Year. His most recent hit, “So Fresh, So Clean,” was accompanied by a music video that gave fans an up-close look at the artist’s unique sense of style giving his listeners something they wouldn’t soon forget. Letoa was able to express himself creatively and try out new concepts in this music video. The video’s production values were so high that many viewers wanted more.

Listeners love his music, while critics and prominent members of the music industry lavish praise on him as well. His artistry and aesthetics displayed in his music videos, in addition to his rhymes and sound, have won over fans. Without being signed to a record label, Letoa has made quite a name for himself in the rap world. There have been rumors that certain record companies are prepared to go to war in order to secure the signing of the electrifying performer. The independent rapper, Letoa is consistently looking to take his career to the next level and is not opposed to working with a label if they offer him beneficial contract conditions and recognize the unique vitality he offers to the music industry as an artist.

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