Women in modern society, especially those who work in male-dominant industries such as music and general entertainment, are socially discriminated against in a multitude of ways, resulting in enhanced probability of unequal opportunities in many conversations. However, one 18-year-old musician and artist hailing from Portland, Oregon in the United States is striving to change that through means of activism for women’s rights in both his field of music composition and in the broader image of society as a whole. Carter Davis, who goes by the professional name NORD, is a rapper and R&B musical artist who is 18-years-old (born April 29, 2004) and specializes in the genres of Modern Pop, Contemporary R&B, and Rap. He has previously written songs for American female Pop icons such as Rebecca Black and Addison Rae, leaving an empowering and lasting impact on hundreds of millions of women around the world.

Additionally, the Oregon based rapper and artist frequently promotes organizations and fundraisers that directly support the promotion of equal rights and opportunities in societies around the world that are less educated or more restrictive with the subject on his Instagram profile. Carter (NORD’s real name) hopes to continue making an impact on equal rights for oppressed women in nations around the world through the means of his musical talent and actions as a strong advocate for feminism.

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