Lucky Boi is more than just a natural-born talent. No stranger to the industry, he has been making music for more than 18 years. First as a producer then, after the passing of his brother, as an artist in his own right. With influences of 80’s and 90’s R & B and country, Lucky Boi brings a sound wind to the scene.

Although he has suffered such great losses, like the death of his two most influential mentors in 2018, Lucky Boi continued to write and produce, using his gift as an outlet for himself and for others.

With the release of “Country Girl,” in 2018 with a blend of pop, country and rap all in one, Lucky Boi began focusing on his natural artistic brand of music.

“I believe that music is universal and should not be defined by demographic, music is all around us in all forms,” says Lucky Boi

His passion and love for the articulation of blending sounds in his music make it easy for anyone to listen and relate to. When realizing his gift expanded beyond producing, Lucky Boi credits his sound with the influence of his bandmates and being their voice in the art of creating sound.

His sound is self-described as a mixture of pop and country music. Heavily inspired by 90’s R&B, country and hip hop music. “Back then, it was so pure.” The eclectic artists says. He finds his inspiration from those days in music and from life, as he always says he feels lucky to be alive.

Lucky Boi’s current release “Valdosta, Ga” is out now on all platforms and will be followed up with his next single, “Southern Raised” which will drop along with a music video in late February.

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