We get the lowdown on 5 things that are held dear to Lutfia’s heart… Solo artist Lutfia is based in London and has recently dropped her debut EP ‘So Much For Summer’, which is a must-listen. 

So the first thing is an album: Norman Fucking Rockwell by Lana Del Ray. It’s one of my all time favourite albums, ever. It’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s amazing. I find what I really love about it is that it brings summer vibes in winter. I always feel like in winter I’m like…I just prefer summer, I’m a summer person. So bringing a summery album into my winter playlists is just something I like to do as I like bringing those vibes to the winter season. Also, the album has some of Lana’s best lyrical content, so heartfelt and so beautiful. I just absolutely love that album.

The second thing is the Grove, which is an area of Los Angeles. It’s kind of like a shopping place but there’s lots of restaurants there, a cinema, all these different things. And it’s kind of chic but has a casual vibe. And I saw the most beautiful sunset ever there when I went. There’s also this really cool looking tram that goes through the Grove. So, that’s one of my favourite places I’ve ever been.

The third thing is more generic; it’s vinyls. I have a massive collection of vinyls. I absolutely love them, getting a new album on vinyl is always so exciting. Having that big, square version of the album, I love that. I especially love coloured vinyls, anything other than the classic black vinyl. I love the transparent ones, or the pink ones – coloured vinyls are so cool. And actually I’m going to release ’Summer’ on vinyl and the vinyl’s going to be green, which is really exciting.

My fourth thing, I don’t know if this can be included in the list, but it’s my cat. He’s just the best thing ever, he’s my favourite thing in the world, I absolutely love him. He’s very cute and cuddly. Whenever I see him he brings me so much joy, and my heart fills with love. I love him so much, he’s my favourite thing ever.

The fifth thing is the Zach Sang show. Zach Sang is a music interviewer. I love his interviews and have watched so many of them. I particularly love his interviews with Ariana Grande just because they’re quite good friends, so they have a good dynamic and it’s really entertaining to watch. He always asks really good questions, he takes albums track by track and talks to artists about their albums in a track by track way, which I really enjoy. There’s a really good focus on the music, but also letting artists express themselves personally which I really love. I love his show, I really hope one day I’ll be on it as I just love his interviewing style and everything about his show is really really cool.”

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