The young artist Quota has meet a substantial amount of recognition around the world, most notably with his song “Options (Other)” gaining a measly 1,000,000+ streams across platforms. He constantly proves people wrong with learning new techniques with his music and trying to create new sounds. Although Quota has said “I have not yet perfected my craft nor sound. Doing everything independent is really hard. I’ve been doing music for the past year alone with nothing but my notes on my phone, microphone, and computer.”

Quota tells us his creative mindset when it comes to making music. He told us how everything being done independent is “One of the best yet most frustrating things about making music.” Although he may not have the idea to constantly make music as a career he proceeds to exceed his own expectations.

Quota tells us how growing up was difficult being young. He tells us how his mother had a drinking and drug addiction. Learning about how his father had to risk a lot for him and his family’s well being was hard on him. Quota tells us, “I’m proud of my mother for getting through her problems. My father has shown me what it was like to be a man, not sure if that makes sense but he never gave up. I owe a lot to my parents for pushing through the struggles.” Learning his backstory Quota has brought a new shine to his persona on stage and off. Speaking of stages Quota has performed at the Chain Reaction on December 17, 2021.

“When I performed at the Chain Reaction I was nervous because it was my first show ever. Not only that this one girl I really like was there. She was, still is, one of the most amazing people I’ve met.” Quota tells us how his performance was a new experience and landmark in his career. Gaining curiosity about this “mystery woman” he proceeds to tell us some of the background. “I met her in the summer of 2021 and connected with her but nothing more happened between us. The song ‘Love Story’ was the song I made about her on the EP.” Quota talks about how he was given the label of a “love artists” and that it didn’t bother him. “I know I can make some of the hard rap boombap music and soft mellow music. It never bothered me because I’m just doing me.”

As Quota gains popularity in his music career he believes in making music for himself. Never to impress others with the new direct sound from young independent story teller Quota.



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