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‘And the fans are on’ quips Matty Healy as he breaks into their opener and constant status update track ‘The 1975’. A telling tale for what’s in store for the mixed crowd we have in attendance.

The most anticipated show of the year waits on the Albert Dock. Healy has been in most conversations for the last few months and it’s obvious why as tonight they hold their crowd to an erratic two and a half hour musical stand still.

Like him or not you cannot deny that Healy is riveting in existence and presence, especially on stage. Band members Adam Hann, George Daniel and Ross MacDonald are all on major form, playing a sonic set with ease and class through out. Their new album (Being Funny In a Foreign Language) is played in its entirety with a theatre style stage that wouldn’t look out of place in an MTV set up. BFIAFL is sung back to the band as if it has been around for a few decades which is expectant of the now biggest band in the world size and fan dedication.


Photo credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes

We then see Matty display his grotesque view on consumerism as sinister piece of art. His acts split the crowd which is understandable but for a pop star to act in such a manner in this day and age it does offer a stop and watch moment that may evoke questions.

After a brief interval we are reintroduced to a greatest hits set from a band whose albums have all reached number 1 in the UK respectively. We are reintroduced with the electric Too Shy to Let Me Know which creates a buzz as if we have just stepped in to a 1980s John Hughes film.

This is a test for fans as they are all crying out (literally) for their favourite song. Again through compelling interaction, Healy offers the crowd to give their biggest applause for ‘Change of Heart’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Menswear’. With screams so loud the band have to resort to playing the two latter tracks as there is no distinction on decibel level. This is followed by old favourites ‘Sex’ and ‘Give Yourself a Try’ which leaves the 10,000 fan fanatic longing for more. Quite clearly we have seen The 1975, at their very best. 10/10.

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