With news that this group has disbanded before it has even taken off, Velvet Shakes should be proud of their EP ‘Mellowdrama’. Its lush soundscapes and mesmerizing melodies tell powerful stories and paint stunning pictures with sound. We have no doubt that lead singer, producer and band founder Josh Bithell is going to create great music in the future. As will the trio’s other two members, no doubt.

The work of Velvet Shakes could be described as innovative, while also refreshingly familiar, almost in a comforting way. There is something very special about music that feels new, but also already intrinsically personal, like getting to meet a childhood friend that you haven’t seen in ages. Velvet Shakes’s debut, Mellowdrama, was – is – almost like that. It will remain like that. It’s a timeless treasure. You can easily tune in to the mood of this particular new work, but there are many pleasant surprises here and there, which add a sense of adventure to the listening experience overall. This is the beauty of great music: it straddles the line between edginess and comfort, allowing the audience to discover a whole new set of stimuli for their senses. Though the band is no more, hopefully this work will stay live online for listeners to enjoy for years to come. Beyond that, we’re excited for the futures of the band’s members…

Do not miss out on Mellowdrama, which is out now to stream, including on Spotify:

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