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Podcast: Female Artists who have changed direction

Podcast: Female Artists who have changed direction

One of the most fascinating things we love about musicians, is when they decide to completely change their direction. Whether thats musical direction or they simply fall out of love with the business. We have all experienced moments when our favourite music icons leave their fans confused and scratching their heads, wondering what happened. Or in some cases when it’s an ex band member, who completely rips the band apart with them to go do something else.

In this podcast episode we look at a few female artists that interest both Ian and Mick and explore the music they started creating and then suddenly decided to change direction in music or actually quit altogether. This episode looks at their reasons for doing so, was it the right choice or should they have stayed?

Our hosts discuss stars such as Alanis Morisette, Anne Briggs and Bobby Gentry and the fascinating stories on both their music and lives.

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