“White Lies” the first single from Christie’s debut album is due to be released 28th April 2023. More exposed and honest than her previous EP’s, she squirms with discomfort on stage knowing who might hear these confessional lyrics.

The first verse, “every single thing I’ve been embarrassed to admit, you throw out in the open, so eloquent. You make me less ashamed though I’m still hesitant, to be honest if I apologise then cheapen it”. -an almost backhand thank you to her favourite songwriter “Julien Baker” (recently better known through boygenius) has long been a strong pillar of inspiration for brutally honest songwriting for Christie. “Repeat the same mistakes again a hypocrite, replicant experiments expecting different, results the wise might say that I am losing it, know the truth will cause you pain but there’s no point in this”.

The second verse referencing Einstein’s definition of insanity, repeating the same experiment and expecting different results, when experimenting with the desperation of escaping addiction, and being honest with the ones you love. The chorus… “Up in flames when my time comes, a lifeline white lies keep my lungs, from filling up when I’m not strong, enough to be the one you love” Relatable to many. Telling “White Lies” to protect the ones you love, to prevent worry or put on a brave face till you’ve fixed your life without hurting people you love. It could be about anyone. “So I try to keep my conscience clean, and say exactly what I mean. But white lies give you pain relief and honesty just makes you bleed. HOW CAN I KEEP MY CONSCIENCE CLEAN, SAY ANYTHING I REALLY MEAN. When white lies give you pain relief and honesty would guarantee, you couldn’t look the same at me, regret the breath you gave me to breathe”. The power in the build up during these lyrics is excruciatingly echoed by the band.


Single release show at The Salty Dog Northwich Friday 28th April, with support from The Hangman’s Howl and Amy Antrobus.


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