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Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: Bill Ryder-Jones – And Then There’s You

Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: Bill Ryder-Jones – And Then There’s You

Autumn has hit. Darkness is drowning out light earlier and earlier these days. Colder days are becoming more and more frequent and it’s all looking a bit bleak.

We’re in luck, as the ever reliable Bill Ryder-Jones has provided a soundtrack perfect for our colder days, right on cue. The track in question – And Then There’s You – is the second and final pre-album release from his new record Yawn, which is shaping up to be pretty special already.

Bill has a wonderful knack for nailing that beautiful middle ground between tones – the cold and bleak we want to shut out and the warm and fuzzy we long for. There’s an inate purity to Bill’s raspy vocal and emotive chord progressions. Then there’s that broody riff. Eventually it all hugs together and becomes very autumnal which is certainly on brand with the season.

It’s delayed gratification at its best. Something Ryder-Jones does better than most. Listeners are rewarded for taking time to interpret the inner workings and revel in the rich beauty of his four to five minute tracks. Points are often scored for attention to detail when it comes to Ryder-Jones, too. Shouts here for the crafty wordsmith’s poetic use of mistress and mistrust opposite eachother in the chorus and the well placed LP of By The Sea – band of guitarist Liam Power – in the video.

This is our final taster of the album and it’s set things up pretty nicely. As brooding fireside escapes go, it’s right up there. Bring on Yawn. Up the Berj.

You can pre-order Yawn here. Out Nov. 2 via Domino Records.

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