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Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: False Heads – Yellow

Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: False Heads – Yellow

False Heads just go from strength to strength. Every new track they release could arguably be placed as their biggest and best to date – a fantastic trait to have as a band.

Their latest Yellow – taken from forthcoming EP Less Is Better, finds the lads as ballsy and frenetic as ever.

It’s unsurprisingly received major love on the airways ahead of release with the likes of Radio X and Amazing Radio putting this explosive belter where it belongs.

Something that is never lost amongst a False Heads explosion is their gritty, swaggering attitude. You quite simply can’t buy it and as a band and in particular in lead Luke Griffiths they have IT.  There’s keg-fulls of attitude again here, thus moulding another explosive barrage that is False Heads in and out, all the way into the now signature skid over the line at 100mph in a cloud of smoke and flames.

Shapeshifting between selective alt-rockpop corners to the darker, grungier, drop-kicking punky depths where their collective heart truly lies.

A truly honest bite; beautiful rawness, monster riffs and a humoungous sound. All killer, sure-fire venue filler.

False Heads release their Less Is Better EP on These Bloody Thieves Records, September 21. 

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