ABOUT: Featuring unapologetic dissonance and snarling vocals, their upcoming release, ‘Birdman’, is both lyrical and angular, outrageously heavy and intensely
minimalistic. Crow-like guitars caw along to a religiously repetitive bass vamp, and dynamic drumming helps to weave a rich canvas of syncopated interplay.

Vivid lyrics paint a violent image of a man in the throes of obsession; his house, a home to fifty filthy birds and flocks of rank flies. It serves as an urgent metaphor for addiction and as a re-imagination of the themes in the book that birthed the bands polarising name, Moby Dick, with the songs sermonesque study of monomania and free will.


BIO: A unique blend of post punk, jazz and a trip hop is what defines Moby Dickless; rich cinematic sounds orchestrate impassioned, story driven lyrics detailing the lives of nature’s losers and society’s rejects.
Post-lockdown, the trio have established a highly reputable, energetic and immersive live performance. Their previous releases have earned them a dedicated following that has helped to carve out a grimey, jazzy niche in the Manchester scene.

With more songs and headline shows to follow in 2023, Moby Dickless are setting forth to captivate new audiences across the UK.

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