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That band of Her’s! -EBGB’s – Review

That band of Her’s! -EBGB’s – Review

Photo Credit: Dominique Daly

With the sun finally making an appearance, you could be forgiven for wanting to soak it up in a beer garden, rather than hiding away in the EBGB’s basement. However, on this occasion there was no need to go outside with the good feel being brought on stage for Her’s headline gig, with the help of support acts Pizzagirl and Hobby Club.

First to warm us up was local lad Liam Brown, better known as Pizzagirl, sporting a Hawaiian shirt with socks and sliders. This fun fashion fiasco was soon forgiven on hearing his catchy melodies, an electro pop sensation that captivated the growing audience from his first track. Most notable was his latest single ‘Coffee Shop’ as part of his new EP ‘An Extended Play’ that is out now. With lilting vocals as sweet as a caramel shot, complimented with catchy riffs and melodies, Pizzagirl had us wanting more of what he was serving. Catching up with him after his set he said Coffee Shop is his favourite to play right now, happy to see being “having a little boogie”. Joining Her’s on their tour, Pizzagirl commented on the “lovely lads being accommodating” to him and his complex gig gear, fitting in a small bag in the back of a van. In defining his style of music, the choose of outfit made complete sense in being “ a bit quirky, a bit loose, not taking itself too seriously.” Although he does that well, with a winning smile, we have a feeling people will be taking what Pizzagirl has to offer very seriously.

Photo credit: Lucy McLachlan

Next to the stage was an act that brought North and South together through their jangly bedroom pop jams- duo Hobby Club. Think Kate Bush and the Smiths, take Beth Truscotts dreamy vocals along with guitarist Joe Roses’ seamless blending of chords and harmonies and you have yourself a dose of 80s nostalgia that can’t help but put a smile on your face. Admittedly, they didn’t quite hook me in the way Pizzagirl did, but if people really are better united, then this pair are definitely a force to be reckoned with. It is easy to see why Her’s wanted to bring them along and we’re glad they did.

Photo credit: Lucy McLachlan

If you still weren’t feeling the warmth, the heat was well and truly cranked up with the headline act Her’s. The Liverpool based duo are going from strength to strength and it is clear to see why. With an infectious energy, and oozing charisma, and a cut out of Pierce Brosnan as part of the aesthetic, Her’s did not need to do much to have us onside, it just so helps that their dream- pop songs are everything we didn’t know we needed. With a range that is as impressive as his guitar-playing, vocalist Stephen Fitzpatrick commands the room, with his glossy vocals floating above the water tight bass of Audun Laading. This quirky act had us seduced with their sound, no more so than with their teasing track ‘Cool With You’ that had the room swaying and pulling the person they loved a little closer. Catching up with the boys, they told us about the influences for the track. “It’s a bit weird” says Fitzpatrick “ a bit of Whitney”, “ Listening to Frank Ocean, some Drake” added Laading. What looks simplistic to the eye in terms of set up, is much more complex to listen to and that is part of the joy. There is so much going on and yet it seems to flow seamlessly that the set was over before it begun. They say time flies when you’re having fun and this line up knows exactly how to do that. If this gig is bringing the sunshine, then they’re providing the lolly ices. Colourful, cool as ice and sweetly satisfying.

Photo credit: Lucy McLachlan

Although Her’s album is still yet to be released, you can hear their songs on Spotify or Itunes:


Hobby Club:


Words by Dominique Daly

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