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Drenge: Grand Reopening tour – photo review

Drenge: Grand Reopening tour – photo review

After bursting onto the scene in 2013 with their debut album Drenge and being lauded from all corners and critics – including Tom Watson MP – Drenge have continued to impress. Their follow-up second album Undertow was critically acclaimed – prompting a mass wave of coverage rolling out the ‘next big thing’ tag-line.

However, Drenge promised much more (and deserved much more) than disposable tag-lines and feverish hyperbole. Their music  was full of raucous invention and it was genuinely exciting to see what they would do next. That’s why this three year break has been so damned interminable.

Drenge promised that 2018 would see their return and that is now in full-swing with the Grand Reopening tour. Now, the years since 2013 have not been kind to all – most notably, Tom Watson MP himself – but Drenge continue to innovate and continue to thrill their audience.

Last night’s set at Invisible Wind Factory was a barnstorming affair and included songs from their forthcoming album. If these are anything to go by then everyone is in for a treat. Strange Collect and DSM IV provided great support to what was barnstorming night.

Enjoy our photo gallery review of all last night’s shenanigans. Photos by Mark Holmes.

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