Tanis Chalopin, a multi-talented artist, composer, and philanthropist, has carved a unique path in the world of music. From her early determination to pursue a career in music to her diverse influences and experiences, Chalopin’s journey reflects a deep passion for the art form and a commitment to creating meaningful, evocative music.

A Dream Takes Flight

Chalopin’s musical journey began at the tender age of 5, harboring dreams of a career in music. It was in her high school years that she expressed her desire to study music at the university level, a decision met with initial hesitation from her parents. However, it was this challenge that fueled her determination to prove that music wasn’t just a fleeting dream but a lifelong commitment.

Musical Tapestry of Influences

Growing up in a family without formal musical roots, Chalopin discovered her love for music as an outlet for self-expression. Being an introverted child, she found solace in various genres, from classical to metal and pop. This exposure to diverse musical traditions has shaped her distinctive style, an amalgamation of sounds that transcends genres.

Eclectic Influences and Ever-Evolving Tastes

While Chalopin’s early years were marked by an eclectic taste in music, she cites recent influences from artists like Bon Iver and The 1975. These contemporary influences contribute to the emotional depth and resonance found in her more recent works.


NYU Steinhardt: Shaping a Composer’s Vision

Chalopin’s education at the New York University Steinhardt School Department of Music and Performing Arts, with a focus on music composition and theory, provided a solid foundation for her ambitions as a composer for film, television, and multimedia. This education not only honed her skills but also instilled versatility in her musical storytelling.

Visualizing Music: A TED Talk Exploration

Chalopin’s TED talk delved into the innovative concept of transforming music videos into interactive experiences. Although the project remains in prototype stages, the vision to enhance the connection between artists and audiences through clickable elements is a testament to Chalopin’s forward-thinking approach.

Evolution of Sound: From “Ce n’est pas moi” to “The A.I.R Sessions”

Chalopin acknowledges the growth in her music since the early releases like “Ce n’est pas moi” and “Losing my mind.” While her voice and musical arrangements have matured, the essence lies in the deeper, more authentic stories she now weaves into her compositions.

From Soloist to Film Composer: Navigating Two Worlds

Chalopin seamlessly transitions between being a solo artist and a film composer. While composing for films involves following a guideline set by the visual narrative, her solo work begins with a blank page, allowing for unbridled creativity and storytelling.


TXC Entertainment Inc.: Empowering Creative Vision

The founding of TXC Entertainment Inc. showcases Chalopin’s entrepreneurial spirit, providing a platform for her creative vision to flourish. This move empowers her to shape her musical narrative on her terms.

Crafting Royal Melodies: “Twin Flame” at a Royal Wedding

The inspiration behind “Twin Flame,” performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding, stems from a bespoke composition requested by Princess Eugenie. The collaboration resulted in a unique and honorable musical contribution to a special occasion.

Musical Evolution: “Blackout” to “The A.I.R Sessions”

Chalopin’s albums, “Blackout” and “The A.I.R Sessions,” showcase different facets of her musical journey. The evolution reflects the growth in themes, influences, and personal storytelling, capturing the essence of her artistic exploration.

Gaming and Family Ties: Inspector Gadget Reimagined

Venturing into the world of video game composition, Chalopin’s ties to the Inspector Gadget franchise added a layer of responsibility. Balancing the homage to the original theme with contemporary elements, she successfully crafted a whimsical yet modern musical representation.

Philanthropy and Impactful Initiatives

While Chalopin clarifies the absence of the Tanis Foundation, her involvement in various causes, from ocean cleanups to supporting Blue Sky Healing Home in Beijing, reflects a commitment to making a tangible impact on issues close to her heart.

Music as a Catalyst for Change

Chalopin acknowledges the role musicians play in raising awareness about environmental protection, animal welfare, education, and human rights. With a global platform, she emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior and advocacy for causes that matter.

Navigating the Music Industry: Challenges and Rewards

The challenges of today’s music industry, marked by high visibility and risk aversion, don’t deter Chalopin’s love for her craft. The dichotomy between being a fully formed artist and the need for recognition pushes her to excel, highlighting the rewards of a career driven by passion.

The Future: A Beautiful Project Unveiling

Teasing an upcoming project, Chalopin hints at a beautiful endeavor accompanied by striking visuals. Collaborations with talented individuals promise a unique and captivating experience for her audience.

The Pinnacle of Success: A Listener’s Message

For Chalopin, the most significant point in her career is when a listener reaches out to express how her music made a difference in their life. This personal connection and impact on someone’s emotional journey underscore the true essence of her artistic pursuits.

Studio Alchemy or Live Interaction: A Personal Dichotomy

While Chalopin finds comfort and creativity in the studio, live performances, though vulnerable, hold a unique beauty. The interplay between the controlled environment of the studio and the raw energy of live interactions adds depth to her artistic experience.

Technology in Music: Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Acknowledging the role of technology in shaping sound and production processes, Chalopin emphasizes the importance of retaining the core melody, often starting her compositions with a piano or guitar. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, she ensures the soul of the music remains intact.

Overlooked Realities: Family, Perseverance, and Independence

Chalopin dispels assumptions about family influence in her career, emphasizing the self-made nature of her journey. She draws strength from proving doubters wrong, reinforcing the idea that success is born out of dedication and hard work.


The Heart of Music: Happiness and Future Goals

For Chalopin, the most rewarding aspect of her musical journey is the sheer joy it brings her. As for future goals, she remains tight-lipped, leaving the promise of exciting endeavors to be unveiled in due course.

Tanis Chalopin’s artistic odyssey is a testament to the transformative power of music and the unwavering commitment to creativity, philanthropy, and personal growth. As she continues to evolve and surprise, her journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians and a celebration of the boundless possibilities within the realm of music.

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