Hushtones are Liverpool’s renowned sparkling indie-pop 5 piece. With a varied and blossoming discography and a unique blend of female and male voices, Hushtones have captured hearts in their home town and beyond. Fronted by song-writing powerhouse Martha and Mick, alongside Caitlin on bass and backing vocals, Joe, guitar and backing vocals, and Abe on drums, the band spent 2021-22 on tour with Red Rum Club, Tim Burgess, Space and have supported She Drew The Gun after the release of their debut album Greetings from The Other Side.
Hushtones have sold out countless headline shows and as BBC Introducing favourites, they have received airplay from BBC Merseyside, Radio 6 and Radio 1.

“Deja Vu started with a simple synth
arpeggiator. The sound of this
reminded us both of something we
both couldn’t put our finger on, and
it was this that inspired the concept
of “Deja Vu”. Lyrics like “echos from
a past life” and “waking from a
dream” came naturally as the song
progressed, encapsulating the
slightly supernatural feeling we
have all experienced. We decided to
accompany the finished song with a
part-animated music video
featuring psychedelic overlays
reminiscent of The Beatles
animated film Yellow Submarine.”
Deja Vu is a slick and uplifting track that
echos something from a dream.
Hushtones’ signature four part
harmonies are layered with chiming
guitars and glistening synths to create
something reminiscent. Available on all
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