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**PREMIERE** Mr. MiLK Morphing Time

**PREMIERE** Mr. MiLK Morphing Time

“Morphing Time” is a song with an extremely unique soundscape. Utilizing various synths and a hip-hop style beat, the track presents a varied listening experience where you can get something unique out of it each time you listen, even if you have heard the song several times already. The track also features some elements that I would describe as trippy and lo-fi in some areas, adding to the already enjoyable atmosphere. With a sound that could play well in a video game, as music score or just as a purely enjoyable piece of an EDM playlist, “Morphing Time” is an absolute delight to listen to. In the end, “Morphing Time” is a great song that is easy to vibe along with. Mr. MiLK really knows how to weave a colorful tapestry of sounds with his music and I cannot wait to hear more from this talented artist as he continues to grow and release more music. –

Mr. MiLK is an adept upcoming multi-instrument artist who burst onto the music scene this year. He has always been passionate about music since he started playing the stand up double bass in his school orchestra at the age of 12. Since then he has graduated to composing and can now create music and sonic soundscapes using a mixture of organic and electronic instruments including Abelton with PUSH2, and FL Studio, live electric/acoustic bass, guitars, keyboards, drums and synthesizers. His mastery of music is unparalleled with the skilful utilization of Abelton and FL Studio to create his own unique sound.

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