Orion Redwolf is an American songwriter, producer, and artist known for his emotive and introspective music. Since his artistic debut in 2018 under the moniker Orion and The Melted Crayons, Redwolf has consistently pushed the boundaries of genre, blending influences to create a unique sound. His upcoming single, ‘Glow’, is a prime example of his innovative approach, combining intricate instrumentation with evocative lyrics.

Redwolf’s collaboration with Matt Wyatt on ‘Glow’ marks a new direction in his music. Recorded at Wyatt’s Tree and Booms studio, the track features slide guitars and Wurlitzer, with Wyatt’s jazz-oriented drumming providing a dynamic backdrop. This partnership has allowed Redwolf to expand his sonic palette, creating a richly textured soundscape that mirrors the song’s lyrical content.

Drawing inspiration from his childhood memories of reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Redwolf crafted ‘Glow’ with lyrical contributions from Elie Bashkow. The song’s narrative, which follows a journey through a magical forest, is brought to life by Redwolf’s rich vocals and intricate guitar lines. This blend of personal experience and imaginative storytelling is a hallmark of Redwolf’s music, resonating deeply with listeners.

In addition to his solo work, Redwolf is a prolific producer and songwriter, collaborating with artists across the United States. His signature production style can be heard on tracks by Eloise Granville, Isabel March, J-Renee, Kat Hammock (The Voice S17 finalist), and many others. His instrumental and engineering contributions have also enhanced the music of artists like Andrew Montana, Nan Macmillan, and Kendall Street Company.

With plans to release new music monthly well into 2025, Orion Redwolf continues to evolve as an artist, blending genres and pushing creative boundaries. His upcoming single ‘Glow’ is a testament to his artistic vision, promising an enchanting and transformative listening experience for fans old and new.

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