Swedish indie-rock band Frank Follows is back with their new single, ‘Hey!’, releasing on June 14th. This track represents the band’s exploration of fresh directions within their indie-rock signature sound. Following their previous hit ‘Lights Out,’ which received significant attention on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists, ‘Hey!’ is poised to elevate the band’s profile even further.

‘Hey!’ is a powerful anthem that captures lead singer Adrian Berhardson’s introspective journey of finding his voice. The track’s conception began with a compelling guitar riff from guitarist Måns Ekholm and producer Olof Victor, which Adrian then developed into a captivating song. The dynamic guitar work, solid drum lines, and light, airy choruses create an infectiously upbeat sound. However, beneath its catchy exterior, ‘Hey!’ conveys a profound message of vulnerability and the desire to be heard. Adrian explains that the song reflects a need to shout into the void and find an echo, embodying the struggle for understanding and connection.

Frank Follows, consisting of Adrian Berhardson, Måns Ekholm, and Olof Victor, formed at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. They have since developed a distinctive sound that merges various influences, from Bombay Bicycle Club to Phoenix. Their debut album ‘Flight Thoughts’ established them as a significant presence in the indie-rock scene. With performances at notable venues and festivals, the band’s engaging live sets continue to attract a growing fanbase. ‘Hey!’ is set to add to their momentum, making Frank Follows a band to watch closely in the coming year.

Listen to the brand new ‘Hey!’ Here

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