Filled with raw emotions and comforting vocals & Melodie’s Michael M Jeni unveils new tracks “Relapse” and “Tokooos II” & a music video!

Iowa genre-bending artist Michael M Jeni recent single, Relapse, is an honest look at the ways the end of a relationship can impact someone. Produced by Young OG Beats, the song is a fusion of pop and afrobeat sound and talks about relapsing in love. Michael’s vocals on Relapse are comforting and smooth as ever, accompanied by a bass pattern and background vocals by Lyrique J. Speaking about Relapse, he had this to say about the song, “I feel is one of those songs you can turn on anytime and let it play out.”

Learn more about Michael M Jeni and check out Relapse and his new single Tokooos II below, Tokooos is a derivative from the Lingala word kitoko, which means Good Vibe, the catchy & addictive single was inspired by Fally Ipupa and it’s the singers latest effort.

For me, it helps me process it a different way. I’d rather channel my energy, emotions, and feelings into music, the whole thing songs, videos, shows, etc versus spazzing out or caring enough to inflate whatever the situation is or give energy towards. If I leave the situation alone, it doesn’t exist to me. I’ve been through situations that I’ve chosen to never speak on or give energy towards, sometimes in life, you have to practice that, even if it hurts. To sum it up “Relapse” I feel is one of those songs you can turn on anytime and let it play out… I want to write songs with words that people are afraid to say and I feel “Relapse” did that.

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