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Future Cavemen returns with new single ‘Gypsy Curse’

Future Cavemen returns with new single ‘Gypsy Curse’

Future Cavemen has released the alternative-rock single as part of his ambitious EP ‘II’.

Future Cavemen, otherwise known as Joe Tennant, new music will see a reinvention of sound from his time in a garage rock band.

Now he creates and produces his songs as a solo artist and showcases his ability to incorporate musical influences throughout the decades into his music .

Written in a flat-share in London, this new single is a bewitching and captivating track.

It is a partly autobiographical song that recalls the time he bought a vintage synthesiser off a stranger on GumTree .

He said:“Lyrically, it’s partly autobiographical, part truth, part fiction… I had just purchased a vintage synth (my first synth) from a middle aged man on Gumtree – seemed like a good deal. I remember carrying it home on the bus, it was extremely bulky.” 

The track was self produced by Future Cavemen and mixed and mastered by Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian).

Alongside three other new songs that feature on the EP ‘II’ such as, DIGGIN, POISON FLOWER and UNDER RAINBOWS.

The singer-songwriter explores many different sounds which have similarities to other artists. For example, you can hear the essence of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Dandy Warhols in his music.

He’s an artist that’s constantly pushing himself to explore sounds and new technology to enhance his alternative-rock tracks.

Western-inspired, slow-burning jams conspired in the shadows of the capital’s churches at the dead of night (“Diggin”).

To the venomous sting of “Poison Flower” and its dizzying fusion of dark desert-rock soul with radioactive 8-bit synths.

The EP closes with The Wizard of Oz-inspired “Under Rainbows

This EP will take you on a journey of imagination and experience of different emotions.

Future Cavemen will release the EP ‘II’ on 25 March, 2022.

You can stream Gypsy Curse‘ now on streaming platforms.

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