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Meg Pfeiffer drops stunning new single PUSH BABY

Meg Pfeiffer drops stunning new single PUSH BABY



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Meg Pfeiffer has proven herself a master of all levels of music creation. All without compromising her art. In Germany there is no other artist who takes everything into their own hands with so much ease, from music production to directing music videos to label work and marketing of her new releases. When this is combined with her proven ability to craft extraordinary song arrangements, hypnotic beats and smooth choir voices, all rarely found in today’s pop music. Keep this in mind when we consider Meg’s latest release, the single “Push Baby”.

Following up on her quite successful 2020, despite all of its obvious challenges, that saw her release a 23-track album NOPE, backed by singles and EPs, the expectations for “Push Baby” is high.

The good news is that the single doesn’t just deliver with its cool modernity blended with the nostalgic sound of the eighties, it also breaks the barrier when it comes to a compelling, important subject.

Equal Rights for Women.

And, no, she doesn’t mince her words. Not a surprise, because she has never shied away from difficult topics, right from the start. For years, this has won her respect as she has blossomed from being a country angel, beloved in Germany, who has grown to be an undisputed multi-talent artist in the English-speaking world.

The new tone of “Push Baby” stands out clearly from the rest of what’s playing on pop stations today.

The bass-heavy, playful beat merges wonderfully with her beguiling clear and unmistakable vocal timbre. “Push Baby” is “epic” pop in a super relaxed robe. Not just written and performed herself, but she also handled the production to make sure the song met her vision perfectly.

Release of the Video is on March 8, International Woman’s Day.

She took over the video production and editing once again, complete with crazy high energy outfits, delivering a fiery, rough expression, which she combines with a sunny play of enchanting colors.

 Meg celebrates her independence and her unstoppable energy and discipline, challenging in a positive way every woman who feels oppressed to do exactly the same thing: to push forward and be successful. And in doing so, breaking down all the limits and restrictions that she has experienced as a woman and uniting forces instead of dividing them.

Over 14 years ago Meg Pfeiffer made her debut with her album “Man From The Woods”, had a major deal with Sony Music, a publishing contract with Universal Music, and participated in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest. She also toured around the world visiting over 15 countries.

All this set the stage for her even more powerful voice now, showcased in her new single. Backed by her own Canada-based music company where she and her husband will soon be relocating (after the pandemic).

Check it out. And women, don’t forget to “Push Baby”.


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