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New Single from The Poopie Diapers – I Want Ice Cream

New Single from The Poopie Diapers – I Want Ice Cream

The Poopie Diapers are Trevor Satisfaction and Max Renn.

We both hated Baby Shark, but couldn’t stop singing it. Trevor’s kids loved it. We heard about a music producer who made millions off this horrible poppy dance track….and so Trevor was like, “Hell I can write an annoying pop ditto to make millions in minutes.” So he went home and wrote the single, “I Want Ice Cream” in well, minutes, and had his kids sing the chorus…..

We wanted an 80’s inspired, fun, empty calorie annoying tune that you hated but simply couldn’t stop singing. We had already recorded a bunch of serious music that we were planning on releasing but the reaction we got from this track made us shift gears and record more infectious 80’s pop type tracks. A change in direction shall we say. Our individual projects have been put on hold to concentrate on this surprising excursion. It’s quite a departure from our usually funk, melancholic, angst soulful, cool, chill vibes. So this debut release is really about fun, pop tunes, inspired by the 1980’s. It definitely has a carefree LA feel to it.

We wanted the “I Want Ice Cream” video to be fun but indicative of the current mood and lifestyle changes and challenges brought on as a result of the pandemic. So lyrically we think it speaks to what a lot of us are feeling right now, whilst the chorus is a brief moment of escapism into something that universally we all love —- ice cream.

Trevor edited the video footage in Final Cut Pro and Max Renn then took the reins as an accomplished and astute filmmaker and fine tuned the edit. The final product is something we haven’t seen before, a combination of elements merging together to create what we believe to be a groundbreaking video.

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