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Manchester Musician Marc Gallagher Kicking Winter off with a Bright Start

Manchester Musician Marc Gallagher  Kicking Winter off with a Bright Start

After over 18 months since his last release, Manchester-based ukulele songwriter Marc Gallagher will release his fourth album “Songs From a Happy Winter” this December.

Born and raised in Nantwich, Cheshire, Marc shaped his musical development with open mics and gigs at The White Horse, The Shakespeare and The Box in Crewe. He frequently returns to his hometown to play Nantwich Jazz Festival, Nantwich Food Festival and pubs in the area when he isn’t playing internationally.

Acting as a direct rebuttal to 2017’s “Songs From a Shit Summer”, Marc veers off into a more positive direction with his new album.

Marc penned “S*** Summer” during the summer of 2016, a period which saw heartbreak, bad luck, yet one the most productive songwriting periods of Marc’s young life. The songs written between the months of June and August were presented in chronological order, creating a sonic journal of Marc’s summer, complete with an accompanying booklet outlining the stories behind the songs.

The album was released on CD in July 2017, and sold out after just one month.

Now he is doing the same but opposite, with a highlight on positivity over tragedy. “I wanted to show that I have evolved, that I wasn’t in this continuous rut of sadness”-Marc commented.

Adding “I set myself the challenge-between the months of December and February, have an amazing time in amazing places with great people, and write an album. 3 months gives you 12 weeks. That’s a song a week.”

In pursuit of a happy winter of his own, Marc spent 3 months travelling Europe, living mainly in Germany, busking for petrol money to the next town in between visiting friends. His music took him to cities like Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, and he even lived in Berlin for a month, where he wrote half of the album. As an homage to the country and his fanbase there, Marc penned two songs in German with “Überrascht” and “Vorbei Komme”.

Thematically, “Songs From a Happy Winter” looks at English farm life and independent business with “English Country Day”, dogs with “The Hound From Bailey Lane”, and his own musical journey, as well as the charming love songs that Marc has been known for like “Mademoiselle”.

The album will be launched on December 2nd at the Old Pint Pot in Salford, where Marc will bring the album to life with a backing band. Support from Sam Lyon (based in Winsford) and The Northern Rambler, two dear friends Marc has made from the circuit. Tickets are available for £3 on Skiddle, or £4 on the door. More information can be found on the Facebook Event “Songs From a Happy Winter Album Launch Night”

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