Argh Kid Interview

Argh Kid Interview

1.)  How did ARGH KiD get started/Meet?

I started out as a Spoken Word Artist which naturally grew into music once I’d found the right producers and musicians to work with. From there it’s gone from strength to strength with gigs up and down the country and festival slots. I love the tracks that we’ve put out but if you haven’t seen us live yet then you really haven’t experienced their full force. Our live shows come with a reputation with good reason.

2.)  When creating the songs how do the lyrics influence the music, or vice versa?

The lyrics definitely influence the music which is the reason that I don’t define myslef with a genre. We create the music as more of a soundtrack to suit the content so we create an extremely diverse soundtrack that ranges from Ska to HipHop, Punk to Drum and Bass.

3.)  Any upcoming releases in the pipeline?

I’ve just released R1OT which laments our current political situation, and the tinpot fuckwits that run/ruin our society. It’s a fucking banging tune that combines the energy of Rage Against the Machine with a Rock/Rap sound. It’s garnered us the label of Manchester’s Beastie Boys (I’m not keen on any comparisons, I love the Beastie Boys so I’ll take that in a heartbeat). Unfortunately you’ll not hear it on the radio as OfCom pulled the plug after it had a complaint but when National DJs say it’s the “greatest protest song of this generation” you know it’s a good thing.

4.)  How did your last gig go?

The last gig was at RivFest and our first time playing Warrington. We got a fantastic response from the audience, many that were seeing us for the first time. It’d be a bit egotistical of me to repeat what the crowd said afterwards but let’s just say they were impressed and booked tickets to see us again.

5.)  Do you have any tours planned for next year?

To coincide with new music in 2020 we’ve got a tour booked for January/February that will be taking us from Cornwall to Galasheils – literaly the length of the country. I can’t wait.

6.) Who are you biggest musical influences?

Musically my influences are all over the place but for things you might find in our music I’d say we’re where Eminem meets The Specials with a Beastie Boy twist.

7.) Whats your favourite album of this year?

I loved Fontaines Dogrel – there’s A LOT of generic indie music being made which sounds like 90s ass tissue but them guys from Dublin are really something when it comes to guitar music. Also Bandanda by Freddie Gibbs is an exceptional record.

8.) Any emerging acts we should look out for?

Yes. ARGH KiD. 

9.) What can we expect on Saturday, at Jimmy’s?

We were the first band ever to play in Liverpool’s War Bunker IMW this year, this was supposed to be an intimate acoustic set which by the end had the packed crowd on their feet. Jimmy’s we’ll be amplifying that by 100 and bringing one of the best live sets the new venue will have had since it’s opened. Be there.

10.) Trump or Johnson?

To walk the plank? I’d tie the pair bastards together – pass the rope.


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