Denmark-Senegalese music sensation Kinck, known for her unique blend of heavy beats, quirky melodies, and snappy lyrics, has released her empowering new single “Play With It” on June 28th. The Copenhagen-based producer, artist, and songwriter, whose full name is Stine Manda Kinck, reflects on the challenges and rewards of being an indie artist in this latest track.

Kinck acknowledges the difficulties of navigating the music industry without the support of major labels. “Sometimes being an indie artist can be really tough because you have to do everything yourself as you’re not working with the same big budgets that the labels are,” she explains. However, she views the skills she’s acquired over time as a superpower. “Play With It” encapsulates this sentiment, allowing her to reconnect with raw creativity without industry pressures dictating what’s relevant or cool.

In addition to her music, Kinck is a dedicated mentor for upcoming female and minority artists in Denmark. She runs her own label, Sad Unicorn Recs, and has impressive songwriting credentials, including releases with Ultra, Ministry Of Sound, Warner, BMG, and Sony. Her multifaceted career and commitment to empowering others make her a standout figure in the global music scene.

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