Coming off of his recently released debut album, ‘ORO,’ ‘Donald Glover’ is a captivating single from the Chicago-based rapper, producer, and actor. Whilst blending slick samples with smooth synths and catchy hooks, ‘Donald Glover’ secures Goldy’s status as an important artist to watch this year. We catch up with Goldy about the pivotal release…

‘Donald Glover’ has been described as a captivating single from your debut album ‘ORO.’ Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the track and what it means to you personally?

Donald Glover was one of the first songs I recorded for the album.  I was originally going to release it as a single but wanted to put it on a larger project.

The creation of ‘Donald Glover’ was notably swift, with the beat and lyrics coming together on the same day. What was that creative process like, and how did it differ from other tracks on the album?

Usually, with most songs, I’ll make the beat and listen until the words come to me.  Typically I’ll find the flow before putting lyrics to it, but it requires time.  Sometimes I write songs fast and sometimes it takes a while.

You’ve mentioned that ‘Donald Glover’ was influenced by artists like Larry June, Freddie Gibbs, and Boldy James. How have these artists shaped your sound, and what specific elements of their music do you incorporate into your own?

These three artists have definitely helped shape my sound along with so many others.  Production from The Alchemist and Madlib are also super influential.

You crafted the beat for ‘Donald Glover’ yourself, using a sample from a friend’s vinyl collection. Can you share more about your approach to production and how you select and integrate samples into your music?

Producing for me takes a little less time than writing a song.  I make a lot of beats and sometimes just don’t find the lyrics.  That’s how it goes sometimes and that’s okay.  When it comes to finding samples, I just listen.  I’ll listen to music for hours on end and find stuff that I think could work.

Thematically, ‘Donald Glover’ draws from personal experiences and situations. Can you delve into some of the specific themes or stories that influenced the lyrics of this single?

I think people often are consumed with themselves and lack empathy for those around them.  Myself included at times.  I think it’s good to acknowledge your own hypocrisies and try to be better.

As an emerging artist from Chicago, how has the city influenced your music and career so far, and what impact do you hope ‘Donald Glover’ and your debut album ‘ORO’ will have on your listeners and the music scene?

I love Chicago.  I love everything about it.  This city has had a huge influence on me as a person and the music that I release.  I just hope people can take something away from “Donald Glover” and the album.  I try to write and tell stories that are personal to me, and I hope that people can connect to that in some way.

I’m sure they do, Goldy. Thanks for talking to us! 

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