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Kilo House releases superb new album The Witching hour

Kilo House releases superb new album The Witching hour

The Witching hour is a superb mix of nostalgia, lively beats, and haunting base drops. The perfect treat for Halloween. From the famous sounds of The X files and Mr Sandman to the three-dimensional aspect of each track, this really is something so unique yet so familiar, you will find yourself playing it over and over. The artist manages to really capture the listener and take them on a journey throughout the six tracks. All in all, a fantastic set of fast evolving tracks.

We rate this: 4.5/5


Coming from his deathcore background and also being a respected alumni of the well known ICON COLLECTIVE Kilo House entered the bass music world with a different perspective. With his Drop oriented tracks slamming your subwoofers, he will put the fun back into your life that you never knew was missing.


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