Michael Robert Murphy :Metamorh (EP) DROPS *INTERVIEW*

Michael Robert Murphy :Metamorh (EP) DROPS *INTERVIEW*


1. Congratulations on dropping your debut EP ‘Metamorph’.  How does it feel to be releasing music as a solo artists compared to being part of a band like The Wicked Whispers

Thanks! Its was pretty scary at first to be honest, especially with debut single ‘ Out Of Sight’. I hid a lot behind being in bands in truth and relied on being with mates on a stage, on pictures and recording music. But in truth I was directing majority of everything from the songs to the marketing so in other ways its been a fun an easy transition. The main difference is me just being me and opening a window for fans to see the raw and real version of me. It needed to be this way given the songs are an extreme open book of my life and stuff I’ve been though

2. The EP sounds very personal, what is the storey behind Dry Those Tears and Golden Sky?

Yeah very personal indeed. Dry Those Tears is dedicated to my wife Natasha whom is also a wonderful singer songwriter also. Natasha sings on this also. Its basically about facing demons and us helping each other through hard times and being there for each other. Golden Sky is about feelings of fighting for our control in society which I wrote after another Labour loss at the last election. Its odd being released now during the Pandemic as the idea of the government trying to destroy culture and arts, feel spot on, on point to this

3. Where was the EP recorded?

It was done at The Cabin Studios at the Baltic Market with the legend Alec Brits where we produced this together. We chipped away over several months and let it build quite slowly and organically without any pressure. It’s an absolutely amazing studio, intimate and inspiring and Alec is one of the nicest and wonderful people I’ve ever worked with. When my confidence was at an all time low he really helped me realise the EPs potential in the studio.

4. How has Covid-19 affected things for you as an artists

It’s been made launching all this in this horrid new world we live in, For me it hasn’t been too bad and my heart goes out to those where its been a challenge to release atm. But the main change is working with EVOL on doing my debut headline show, at The Arts Club Liverpool May 14th 2021, as it’s so far away but I’m enjoying spreading this out a bit so things can build up nicely leading up to May next year. Obviously the pandemic makes you work socials and the digital side harder and coming up with creative ideas to get your fans on board and play your music. But in the grand scheme it hasn’t felt an adjustment given technically this is a new project for me. Artists like Red Rum Club have really smashed their album campaign given they couldn’t tour and promote, very impressive all round and their success is well deserved.

6. What’s next?

Don’t want to say too much but I’m back in the studio next month to record the next few releases which will be out next year. I’m headed  to Parr Street which is amazing as I thought I’d never get a chance to record there again! But before then I’m going to drop a remix version of the EP called ‘Metamorph.- Redux’ to be released before Christmas. Some very good friends have done some stunning remixes of the EP tracks and are going to be so interesting to release my music being taken in radically new directions! 2021 I have my hometown Liverpool show and there will be some much bigger releases to come. Outside of that, I guess like everyone else I’m waiting for the world to sort itself out hopefully so I can maybe get more shows around the UK. Time will tell. But I won’t be taking a break at any point, 2021 I’m going to be releasing as much music as possible..



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