New Single From Gem – If Im Honest Interview

New Single From Gem – If Im Honest Interview

The new anthem for introverts is set to drop Friday October 23rd.

Weʼve had a sneak peak and this is exactly the feel good, retro-electro production weʼve come to know and love from Australian producer GEM.

GEM is no stranger to making a total banger, but her second single hits you a different way to the ultra chilled single one Malibu.
GEM is fast defining a style all of her own that is synonymous with the cool kids.

She creates the style of music you can add to your Friday night playlist and know it will put your friends deep into the feels.
We had / quick catch up with GEM and she was every bit the modern music maker we had hoped for.

An oversized tee, bike shorts and sleek black sneakers with her hair pulled into a low braid. A brightly coloured banana is tied across her head and she leans in to talk. GEM is softy spoken, highly articulate and unnervingly honest.

You donʼt feel like this is an over polished, publicist trained press junket tour, you feel as though youʼre seeing into GEMS world.
A feminine, delicate, very authentic one.

Tim “ Finish this sentence for us, If Iʼm Honest “….

Gem (singing the lyrics to her new single) “I know Iʼm not flawless”

Tim “ Well played!, what was the inspiration for this new track?”

Gem “The inspiration was a twin flame relationship. The highs and lows of being shown your own shadows, like a mirror.
The rush of it all, the second guessing yourself. The song is in the stage of the relationship where itʼs unresolved, sheʼs asking the question. Putting it out there to the world”

Tim “Have you had your twin flame relationship?”

Gem “Most definitely”

Tim “ Would you like to elaborate?”

Gem “I believe the twin flame relationship is here to teach you. It changes your path and therefore your life, you evolve like you wouldnʼt had your paths not crossed. This does not mean itʼs easy though”

Tim “Sounds tricky”

Gem “Tricky? Yeah they can be down right treacherous”

Tim “Does the song end well?”

Gem “It doesnʼt end. Itʼs sexy, hopeful, optimistic, asking the right questions, it is open ended”

Tim “Malibu was set in 432hz, known for healing properties. What is the aim of this new track?ʼ

Gem “ If Iʼm Honest is in the key of B, which is widely recognised to align most closely with the Crown Chakra linked with deep realisations and surrendering control. That matches with the story, you are handing over control.”

Tim “Do you think you have an Australian sound?ʼ

Gem “Oh, that is intriguing because we really have moved away from localised music Al identities, itʼs an international scene where we are all so connected via the DSPs and the way we share and collaborate. In saying that, I see myself as quite Australian. Iʼm proud of my heritage, I love my country I am always beyond excited to fly into Sydney harbour and all her beauty. So, by default of me being me I guess it is Australian. Also, the song is chilled out- which is a stereotypical quality of an Aussie”

Whether you subscribe to a twin flame connection or you are just looking for a lush listen through of a new track on the weekend, If we are honest ..

We love if Iʼm honest!




Interview By Tim McAllen

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