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Urbanista Interview with Alex Lowe (Hurricane #1)

Urbanista Interview with Alex Lowe (Hurricane #1)

Urbanista talks to Alex Lowe of Hurricane #1

Urbanista: It’s over 20 years since Step Into My World and Only The Strongest Will Survive, these tunes still resonate, looking back were they the highlights for you?

Alex: I can’t believe it’s over 20 years unbelievable! But yea they were very big highlights . I think Step Into My World a little more as it was our first hit single so it was very special to me. I remember listening to the chart countdown in our tour bus going to Aberdeen Music Hall to play a show with Supergrass. So yeah a very special day

Urbanista: You played your first festivals for a long while last year how was it? Do you think there has been a massive change in audience I would imagine the kids who were there in 97 will still be big fans!

Alex: We were surprised to see younger fans which was great! But yea we have a lot of loyal fans from back in the day which is amazing Festivals are always great to do because you have an instant audience and a lot if curious people wanting hear you that knows nothing about you so that’s very cool

Urbanista: Tell us about the new album ‘Melodic Rainbows’, and the inspirations in your song writing these days. How would you describe the sound of the new tunes and what would you say are the stand out tracks?

Alex: Melodic Rainbows was written in 10 days. Ithink I was on a roll haha…but I’m a quick writer anyway. I wanted the album a little more heavier so some tracks on there are quite Rocking. In saying that there are a few that’s mellow. It’s one of them albums you think wow what a rocking album but then you listen to it all the way through and it’s half and half. I was listening to a lot of Foo Fighters Stone Temple Pilots and Motorhead when I started the writing it and then by the last 3 songs I was listening to Townes Van Zandt Bob Dylan and even John Denver. It was engineered by my old friend Steve Ransome and mixed and produced by Danny Sabre who has worked with Inc’s They Rolling Stones U2 and Bowie amongst others. It came out great ithink.

Urbanista: Andy Bell is now back in the re-formed Ride do you see a time when he will be back in Hurricane#1?

Alex: I really can’t see it unless we gt a million pound deal and playing Wembley. But he is always welcome in my books.

Urbanista: With Stuart Fletcher having just joined, 2019 looks a busy year for the band with 2 album releases, some live dates and touring etc…what’s the buzz in the camp?

Alex: It’s amazing what has happened in the last 2 weeks. The band has just went to a next level. We have so much interest in the band it’s amazing and the hurricane camp is blown away excuse the pun. We have finally got a great manager in Stuart Robertson the guy pulls rabbits out of hats and makes things happen which is what this band needs. It’s really amazing. Also couple new albums being released next year and special guests on The Embrace tour which is selling out fast!

Urbanista: You’re going out on tour with Embrace next year how different do you think it will be touring now compared to the 90’s and the early days of the band?

Alex: It’s just the same I guess out on the road playing music. Back stage waiting to go on. It’s going to be great. Embrace are a great band and I was always a fan back In the day. And they are great guys haven’t seen them in a long long time. We are all buzzing.

Urbanista: Finally Alex being a fellow Jock can you see us qualifying for a major tournament any time soon?

Alex: No. Haha I wish and hope but nope it’s just getting worse.


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