Diversity Styling Agency – VirgoImage – Releases New Music Visual Celebrating Disability, Fashion and Beauty

Diversity Styling Agency – VirgoImage – Releases New Music Visual Celebrating Disability, Fashion and Beauty

Imagine a world where a young blind woman could direct a film, where a woman with paralysis could dance to her hearts delight, and high-end fashion designers from across the globe could come together to elevate such women. Think such a world is impossible? Then read on.

“The Bigger Plans Project”, a visual art piece starring acclaimed dancer and model Zazel Chavah, celebrates a journey of self-discovery through music, art, dance and fashion. Directed by Lachi (US)—an award nominated, legally blind recording artist, writer and fierce disability inclusion advocate—and co-produced and storyboarded by Angela Bianchi (Italy)—founder of VirgoImage Image Consulting, the Diversity Styling blog, and inclusive fashion activist—the Bigger Plans Project features Zazel’s transformative dance over the song “Bigger Plans” by Lachi and producer, INVIDA. 

Centered on ability-diverse themes, everyone involved in the creations of the music film either has or advocates for disability, from the fashion brands, sponsors and film location to the dancer, director and producers. The piece, already accepted by festivals for screening, is a true testament to the creativity and ingenuity of this underrated population–a movement that is gaining momentum now more than ever, fueled directly by the love and strength of the community.

The video shows a woman with a brace and cane, slowly moving to a gradually building song with lyrics like “It’s okay to believe…”. Once the drums and synths come in, as Lachi sings “We’ve got bigger plans!” Zazel ditches the cane and her headdress to reveal her baldness, and dances vivaciously in front of different art pieces.

During the second verse, the woman transforms into a more revealing and confident outfit and again moves and walks the art space slowly as the lyrics are “It gets hard…cause everybody’s got there own beliefs” but as the song picks up, the woman once again transforms, and by the end of the track, as Lachi sings again of bigger plans, the woman again dances with her cane, showing a confidence in herself and her disability.

The arrspace where this was filmed is called Positive Exposure in Harlem, and it caters exclusively to art from marginalized populations founded by renowned photographer Rick Guidotti. The art displayed were from students with disabilities. Zazel’s clothing in both outfits were all provided by inclusive-specific designers hand picked by Angela Bianchi. These designers include, Smart Adaptive Clothing (blouse), Chiara Ferriolo custom shoes), Neowalk (cane), DistrubTheCancer (turban), Parfait Lingerie (boustier, TeeShare, (T shirt).

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