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Dar.Ra latest release Rise Like The Sun, all you need to know

Dar.Ra latest release Rise Like The Sun, all you need to know

Title: Rise Like The Sun

Artist: Dar.Ra

Label: Kusha Deep Music

Rise Like The Sun and London FM Interview 

Rise Like The Sun


Dar.Ra, Irish Born Music Artist latest release Rise Like The Sun, a Latin Rock groove Smash that cuts through the current climate like a hot knife through butter.

The aim of this release is to give people some positive uplifting Music to get them through these un-charted waters with a lyric mantra to keep ‘Rising Like The Sun’. 

We need positive Music and positive statements from the Media more than ever and a track like this could just do the trick to keep moral up. 

On the ‘Rise Like The Sun’ single there are 6 mixes all named after different places on the globe in an attempt to bring the world together rather than see ourselves separated by colours and creeds. Columbian Sun Cut is the real deal in the Latin house area and Vidula a producer from Sri Lanka puts his distinct flavours on his Indian Sun Remix. 

The other remixes come from Dar.Ra and have an Indigenous theme to them as is also reflected in the Cover artwork which pays homage to the Aboriginal national flag.

The lyric suggests not been held down by the people in high places, the unknown powers who make decisions about out lives that we have no control over.

‘I want to rise like the sun and hold back for no one’ is a lyric sung with power and persuasion by Dar.Ra

The track is already hitting in Australian charts and being supported by Radio in the UK, US and Africa. It would have been easy to put out a Christmas song with all the trimings but, We felt something you could dance your worries away too was more the order of the day.


 ‘Rise Like The Sun’ is out on Kusha Deep Music this fall.


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