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Calexico Interview

Calexico Interview

How has it been recording with Iron & Wine again?

Joey: It went really well. There were a few tunes that Sam Beam had written and one I had penned. Without any pre production we got together for five days just to have fun and pick up where we last left off. John Convertino suggested doing an improvisational idea which became the tune “Outside El Paso” and from there we kept experimenting which led to the “Bitter Suite” one of my favorite moments on the album. 

How does the sound of album differ to that of the E.P In The Reins?

Joey: The new album ‘Years to Burn’ is a little bit more raw musically and lyrically than the first recording we did. There aren’t as many instruments involved in the arrangements and so the vocals are the main focus. The material from both albums sit well when played live on tour. 

Favourite album of 2019?

Joey: check out Madison Cunningham’s “Who are you now” from Los Angeles  and Mayra Andrade’s “Manga” from Cape Verde. 

Favourite city to play in the UK?

Joey: Manchester rules. I got family there and the vibe and spirit of the place is electric. 

Whats the story behind Years To Burn?

Joey: We always wanted to follow up and do another collaboration. When we initially recorded “In the reins” we basically met in the studio for the first time. A mutual friend set it all up and things clicked. Our friendships were cemented when we took that album on tour. We’d always talked about getting back together but didn’t expect it would take 14 years. ‘Years to Burn’ is about that friendship that is always there despite time or distance it always feels fresh and alive. 

Any festival plans for next year?

Joey: We’re checking out what offers there might be. But no plans yet…

Tickets available for tonights show at the Liverpool Philharmonic tonight here:

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