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We chat to local musical artist Wilroy!

We chat to local musical artist Wilroy!

Today at Urbanista we caught up with musical artist Wilroy, a local Liverpool based talent originating from Canada to talk about his new remix’s on Stephen Emmers “Home Ground”, coming out 22nd November.

E: Hey Wilroy, great to catch up- let’s start by me asking where your name came about since I know that’s not your real name. 

W: Hey Emma, it’s actually a mix of my grandparents middle names- William and Royston. 

E: Ah that’s boss, and clearly you have an accent, when and what brought you to Liverpool? 

W: I’ve been in Liverpool for 8 years now, I came over for Lipa and just fell in love with the place. 

E: So the launch of the remix album “Home Ground” , how did that come about? 

W: I was approached by Stephen Emmer who originally produced the album and we found we had the same vision, common ground and ideas so all the elements just come together and the remixes were born. 

E: Great stuff, so whilst remixing, were did you get your inspiration from? Did you originally have an idea or was it a growth process? 

W: The ideas were already there, I knew I wanted the vocals front and centre and I just went with were it took me.

The track “Everybody’s Moving” took a little longer for me to decide what I wanted to do with it but we kept it fresh and got it done. 

E: Any musics influences that helped?

W: I just love soul in general,  obvious influence is always Marvin gay, but also deconstructed grime is a genre I like as it’s always producing new sounds which interests me.

E: Ok so let’s talk collaborations/Inspirations- whose doing it for you musically at the minute?

W: Without a doubt Van Hunt- I went to New York and seen him whilst I was there, he is a phenomenal songwriter and producer! 

E: Let’s mix it up a bit now, if you can listen to one artist only on a weekly basis/a monthly basis and a lifetime basis which 3 would you pick? 

W: Wow ok that’s a hard one…. ok so weekly would be Sango, monthly Summer Walker and Lifetime has to be Stevie wonder! 

E: Great choices!So what’s next for Wilroy?

W: All a bit hush hush at the minute but I have 2/3 tracks ready to go but just going to first enjoy the release of “Home Ground” and then see what happens. 

E: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and we look forward to future music from you at Urbanista. 

Home Ground – The Wilroy Remixes is out on Electric Fairyland Recordings on 22 Nov 2019

Check out Wilroy here:

And Stephen Emmer here:

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