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Black Pines return with new single ‘Chains’

Black Pines return with new single ‘Chains’

Black Pines are back to show the world their recently released bluesy new single ‘Chains’.

The five piece band are following on from their breakthrough singles ‘Heaven’s Son’, ‘Power’ and ‘Hope’. Some of their singles also feature as stripped-back versions on their ‘Isolation Tapes’ collection.

Yet, their latest single creates a bold, atmospheric and soulful sound with the prominence of rock music throughout.

Black Pines
Album artwork By James Barker.

Black pines said: “This was the first track we created after our debut 3 singles. It marks a somewhat noticeable creative swerve, and a change of attitude when it comes to our songwriting – likely motivated by our Covid-induced isolation.

It’s more fun and less forgiving, and pushes Tom’s vocals to new heights.”

They were influenced by iconic bands such as, Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood to create music that showcases the powerful vocals of Tom Clark.

You can watch the latest music video for ‘Chains’ below:

You will want to play this track loudly to hear the exciting sound of Black Pines.

Stream the single now on Spotify and other music platforms.


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