Andrew Gabbard possibly a name you may not be familiar with. He’s been a staple on the Cincinnati rock scene for over a decade. Guitarist with Thee Shams before co-founding the acclaimed Buffalo Killers. He also finds time as the regular touring guitarist for the Black Keys. Homemade is his first solo album released on December 3rd on Karma Chief a division of Colemine records.

The hype on the album sleeve says. “Country-Fried Psych Pop Banquet” Confused? Well its not your traditional country romp. The music and artwork on the vinyl album have that retro feel and hark back to the 60’s. Twelve tracks over two side with three coming in at less than 2m20s! All but one written by Andrew himself. The songs are all well crafted melodies, with Andrew playing all the instruments himself. Vocals on “Brand New Cut” and “Promises I’ve made” having a hint of late Beatles John Lennon. The album is full of melancholic optimism about the last two years as he sings “Here we are, 2021/Kiss the one you love if they’re still here” on the opening track “Wake Up Brother” which has a rather harmonic Beach Boys feel. This optimism also shines through in other tracks such as “Grin Song” “Getting High” and “Hot Poutine”

If you fancy a romp with some retro psychedelic sounds with a modern feel to them. It’s well worth a listen.

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