After producer Boyfifty has given recognition to MACKAVON’s new track Downplay, by following and commenting on an instagram post we take a look at up and coming Hip Hop artist MACKAVON.


Born in Jamaica and moving to Florida at a young age MACKAVON was introduced to many different aspects of culture that influenced his curiosity to take up music. Growing up in Plantation, Florida he was surrounded by a lot of different types of people which he never quite fit in with, so music helped him escape. Eventually he would discover his talent and knack for drawing in crowds with rap battles. Soon after meeting his long-time collaborator Sejofcts who at the time went under the name of U.N.O they recorded Keep It Wavy which took off locally in the underground scene after being shared by fellow Florida artist Ryahn on her SoundCloud page. After this MACKAVON took it further and would go on to perform in Atlanta with the late Slutty Sonny in 2019 which was very pivotal since he looked up to Sonny. Later that year MACKAVON met iann dior and POORSTACY at their “I Can’t Sleep” music video shoot and participated in it as well. In 2020 MACKAVON would go on to release “Iced Out Feelings” with buzzing rapper Lil Shock. In 2022 He started performing at Vice City founded by Lil Ominous.

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