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Podcast: Frank Collins and Sweet Soul Music

Podcast: Frank Collins and Sweet Soul Music

It’s difficult to imagine now but back in the early sixties, soul was ‘underground’ music in the UK – rarely played on the radio, and only appreciated by a small number of aficionados.

Within a few years, records by artists on the Tamla Motown label would sell in their millions but in the very early 60s, very few people had heard of it.

Among a small cult of fans was a Liverpool teenager Frank Collins who went on to form a blue-eyed soul band The Excels who later played at the Cavern Club, not singing rock n roll or Merseybeat, but soul music with intricate harmonies.

Frank’s 60-year career would take him onto the singles chart with the band Arrival, then the British soul/funk pioneers Kokomo and later working with Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry, Tom Robinson and many more.

He’s still writing and performing regularly today.

We’re delighted to have Frank as our special guest on this month’s Misadventures in Music with Ian Prowse and Mick Ord.”

More about Frank

‘Bill Harry’s Sixties Snapshots – on Arrival/Kokomo’ – https://sixtiescity.net/Mbeat/mbfilms191.htm

BBC Four soul documentary- ‘When Motown Came to Britain’.

Where to listen?


Playlist :

Money – Barrett Strong
Be My Baby – The Ronettes
Friends – Arrival
I Will Survive – Arrival
A Little Bit Further Away – Kokomo
Romance in Durango -Bob Dylan
Swansong – Kokomo

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