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Alexander O’Neal – Eventim Olympia Liverpool – Review

Alexander O’Neal – Eventim Olympia Liverpool – Review

One of the things I enjoy about gig photography is the opportunity to see bands outside my musical comfort zone, who I’d never normally see in the normal run of things.

It’s fair to say that when Alexander O’Neal was in the Top 10 with his big hit “Criticize” I was more likely to be listening to The Fall, or The Cure, or Nick Cave or The Smiths or something of that nature.

But it’s always good to broaden your horizons, and when the audience are enjoying a gig as much as tonight, you can’t help but get swept along with the vibe.

The only minor complaint I heard all night was that people weren’t aware that there was no support act, so many had been there for the doors opening at 7pm, and had to sit around until 9.15pm when Alexander O’Neal took to the stage. But once he did, any gripes were soon forgotten.

A member of the audience joined Alexander O’Neal on stage for a dance!
I reckon he enjoyed the company!
and the dancing
But she was soon whisked away by security!

Obviously if security had allowed one person up on stage, he had so many hardcore fans there that the stage would have been overrun, and easily gotten out of hand, but it was a nice moment, and the lady was soon back at the front of the stage, dancing!

A fun evening, and if you’re a fan but not seen him yet, then you won’t be disappointed!

Words + Pictures: John W. King

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John King


    The worst gig Ive ever been to. So much so we left half way through. Give it up Alexander O’Neal. Very disappointed

    I attended the Alexander Oneal concert at the Olympia on Friday 12th April,very disappointing to say the least, the venue was awful, cold and dowdy, we waited from 7pm until he came on at 9.20, the band drowned out any chance of hearing his singing, there was no supporting act it was very poorly organised, sorry for the negativity but being totally honest.

      My thoughts exactly. The band completely drowned him. Very low key venue and event. We were front row but anyone was allowed to swamp the stage and go anywhere. No organisation at all.

    Thanks for the comments, as it’s not really my kind of music, I was trying to gauge the audiences response, and from the front it seemed like everyone was having a good time, so it’s interesting to hear the other side of the story.

    i Had a absolute ball even tho had to wait hrs for him, my highlight was getting on the stage with Alex, until the very aggressive bouncer grabbed my arm so hard that actually bruised. Not very nice staff at all but Alex was amazing 😉

      Yeah certainly looked like you were having fun Kelly, it was a really nice moment. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the night, sorry to hear about your bruise, I think security just worry that if one person goes up, others will follow, and could get out of hand.

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