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Jake Marley: Thank Me Later – Louise Verneuil, Mattiel, Whenyoung, Good Cop Bad Cop

Jake Marley: Thank Me Later – Louise Verneuil, Mattiel, Whenyoung, Good Cop Bad Cop

Disclaimer: All the following tracks are worthy of your attention and have been put through vigorous testing before being suggested to you and your ears. – Jake Marley

Artist: Louise Verneuil

Track(s): Nicotine

Why I’m a fan: I stumbled across this one on a late night digital wander and arguably that suited it down to the ground. It’s beautiful by night, probably by morning too. New music IT couple incoming – Louise Verneuil and Alex Turner.

Artist: Mattiel

Track(s): Keep The Change

Why I’m a fan: Mattiel delivered a fantastic self-titled debut record and this first taste of album two follows suit. The video is pretty cool too, mint green control room with cord phone and loads of flashing buttons, is it the ’60s?

Artist: Whenyoung

Track(s): Future

Why I’m a fan: Whenyoung recently announced their debut album Reasons To Dream and teased it with single Future – yet another gem. Evocative vocals from Aoife Power over a warm melody. It’s less pop than Pretty Pure and the likes but damn lovely nonetheless. They’re going from strength to strength and the album’s going to be great.

Artist: Good Cop Bad Cop.

Track(s): Sharp Shooter, Times New Roman

Why I’m a fan: Bags full of groove. Classic Nintendo soundtracks meet Beverley Hills Cop with serious nods to The Human League, Mini Mansions and Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino along the way. Matt Helders has absolutely nailed it on production duties here. An expansive, mature offering from Joe Carnall.

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