The story of Bobby Tenderloin is one of legends, mystical death, a sacred transfer, a cosmic continuum and is written in the stars and hearts of every being that ever was, is or will be. Welcome to the universe…

Introducing The Bobby Tenderloin Universe from Alberta, Canada, the most unique country band on the planet! Their first single, “That’s All I’m Sayin’’, was released on 29th July on Keeping On Records via DistroKid. The single is in response to overwhelming public demand since their multi-sell out performances at The Great Escape this year – one of the buzziest showcases of the festival.

Bobby’s friends are all premier musicians, formed organically from playing together for years. There are usually seven band members, including drums, bass, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, two secondary vocalists and piano. Bobby is sometimes also known to strip down and play piano with just his pedal steel and acoustic guitar player. No matter what iteration, when on stage, the memory of his grandmother sitting by his side is the fuel that keeps The Bobby Tenderloin Universe train on the tracks.


“One day my buddy, Toothpick, sent me a guitar riff she recorded on her phone. Later that week, I was mowing the lawn with the riff in my head, and the next thing I knew, the whole story came to me in the form of lyrics and melodies and ‘That’s All I’m Sayin’ came to life. I believe the song conveys a specific type of innocence and naivety that most boys have experienced in one way or another. On occasion, I’ve even seen it in grown men, lol.”BOBBY TENDERLOIN

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