This single is the really perfect example of what happens in music, when everything is exactly at the level where it should be. The melodies are very catchy, and there is actually a bit of a darker vibe to the textural flow of the instrumental. Not that the sound of the pair is dark or gloomy, but the music they make definitely has a bit more of a textural and interesting quality to it, with interesting atmospheric tones and textures, making it all more special and dynamic.


“Early Warning” does a great job at hitting the mark artistically, and technically. The tone of the recording is huge, especially in the way the fat drums bring power to the mix, while still bringing attention to the sparse and cinematic atmospheric sounds in the backgrounds. More importantly, the vocals in this production really shine!


If you are a fan of talented performers such as Maximo Park, The Killers, Dead Rituals, Charlie Puth, Omar Fedi, Blackbear, or John Mayer, you are certainly going to enjoy this particular release, and what it brings to the genre. If this is an indication of what’s in store for this artist next, we are in for a true treat.


Find out more about Paper Hands via their socials and website, and do make sure to check out the single!

Instagram: @wearepaperhands
Twitter: @wearepaperhands
TikTok: @wearepaperhands

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