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We chat with with DJ/Producer Disco-C

We chat with with DJ/Producer Disco-C

1.- At what age did your approach to music begin and specifically as a DJ and producer?
Music has been a lifelong thing since I remember, I have always been a meloman, as a dj I started at 15 years old at my friends’ parties and as a producer 10 years ago when I discovered how incredible it was to create a song from 0.

2.- What is Disco-C trajectory as a DJ?
Disco-C is a concept that I just started, I had had other projects but I felt that they were not totally focused, and they all experimented with too many genres.
This one is totally focused on House

3.- We see more versatile acts that mix different genres, and textures. Where do you think electronic music is evolving today?
We are facing an era in which music is progressing by leaps and bounds, I feel that the direction in terms of electronic music is moving more towards the melodic and the fusion of rhythms, although many styles and rhythms of before are also being retaken but adapted to new times, the ease of today lies in the ease of making music from anywhere and with a relatively low budget is what is bringing us closer to these new proposals.

4.-What are the next steps for Disco-C in the next 2 years?
In this 2020 my purpose is to focus totally on the studio, on producing new themes and at my residence in Hole 19 one of the CDMX Hot Spots.
For now is what I can tell you, but we are in talks for a residence during the summer in a place of great importance worldwide and in a remix for a well-known dj.

5.- How is the scene where you have developed as a producer? What digital or local media have supported you as a producer or DJ?
At one time I had support from Jack Daniels Mexico later with Red Bull from Mexico and currently I am receiving sponsorship from the Mexican brand of mezcal Hala-Ken that is being a promoter for local artists and genres such as electronics and jazz at the national level .
I have also received a lot of support from Kick FM Mexico, a radio station in the city of Puebla dedicated 100% to electronic music.

6.-Finally: How was your approach with Betoko and tell us about the experience of collaborating with someone of that stature?
It was an incredible experience, Betoko came to Mexico on tour and to give some courses in which I participated. This song was the result of it.

7.-Where can we find out more about Disco-C and what it is doing?
IG: https: //
FB: https: //

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