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We chat with Greek – Canadian Alternative Hip Hop Artist Ero Seagull

We chat with Greek – Canadian Alternative Hip Hop Artist Ero Seagull

We caught up with Hip Hop Artist Ero Seagull. Heres what she had to say:

How was working with iconic EMI records and signing with EMI’s baby Amour Records? 

Being under the umbrella of EMI and Amour Records has been a blessing as my music has been distributed so well and sent to all major Radio stations in Athens where I’m based. The results have exceeded all expectations as I have followers all over the world with my main audience being in the United States. For instance, in one song What’s in a Romeo Featuring Leon Rhymes (Too Many T’s) I have 30,000+ listeners from the US.

How was your debut album received? 

It has been loved! I’ve had many great reviews and the people I know tell me the best ☺ in Athens I’ve had a mini gig by the Sounds Good Project in Stoa Fexi and people knew the words and sang along, it was the best experience, they were loving it! Greek major Radio stations like En Lefko and Athens Voice Radio play my songs. We also released a single for Amour Records’ Grecospectiva Christmas Collection which is covers by Greek artists. We released the cover of RUN –DMC Christmas in Hollies and it went great! Here is the videoclip: we had a great time making it. Directed by Ioannis Kampanis an up and coming director.

When can we expect you next release? 

I wish I knew my friend. It shall be a surprise.

Has the coronavirus affected your shows? 

Yes I had a show in Temple with Leon Rhymes, Danny Wav and Kim Shisha, it was going to be the best I had organised a proper show. Now with this virus everything got cancelled. First God, if it leaves us soon and everything returns to normality I will have the videoclips and the gig. I assume around my birthday on the 12th of June. 

Are you booked to play any big European Festivals? 

I will release the song “My Baby” first and then I will take as it comes. I can’t make any plans right now.

What album do you wish you’d written? 

Dancing with Wolves by John Barry

What would be your dream collaboration? 


Ero Seagull

The Greek – Canadian Alternative Hip Hop Artist released her debut album Evolution on June 14th with EMI Universal. The album consists of eleven (11) songs that were written and recorded during a twelve-month period in Athens, Greece at The Cave Studio and the studio Future Perfect. It is produced by Ero Seagull, Dieselbytes Supreme, Marilena Orfanou, mrpc (Afrocream) and engineered and mastered by Ekelon and Selini. 

Eleven electro / hip hop songs that mix rock, EDM and funk elements. Theme wise the tracks vary. One is about love, another one is about a better world, one is through Jesus’ perspective and another one is through Romeo’s perspective (Romeo & Juliet).

Leon Rhymes (Too Many T’s) and Daphne Bluebird are the two featured artists in the album in the songs What’s in a Romeo and Choose Love. 

Ero Seagull first appeared in the music contest The Peoples Music Awards in London where she won the judges’ round in the “Off the beaten track” category for Unison | Breath of Life. She went to give her first concert in the venue Scala and she has also played a live gig in The World Festival of Music & Drama in Lahore with her composition Craters on the moon.

Her song The Gospel was picked up by US music bloggers, went viral and reached more than 30,000 plays in less than a month. Ero was approached by the press and she had an interview both with an American reporter and an American radio host of the show Dopeness, and the song got really good reviews and it played in the Canadian radio station H3 that acclaimed her as the artist of the week. Her songs What’s In A Romeo, Here We Are Entertain Us, Achilles Heel and Choose Love play in Greek radio stations like EnLefko and Athens Voice Radio.

“The Gospel” on SoundCloud

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