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Track Of The Week: Psycho Comedy- STANDIN’

Track Of The Week: Psycho Comedy- STANDIN’

Psycho Comedy burst out of the starting blocks with their new single STANDIN’, and you’ll be singing it for a week. You’re welcome.

The Merseyside band have pulled inspiration for their 2:44 track from the more glittery side of rock, echoing hints of T-Rex and Iggy and combining it with a blend of Oas-ish intentionally whiny and raw vocals from cooler- than-you front man Shaun Powell. All delivered with intent. The song takes an incredibly honest view of the current state of affairs in western society and aims to highlight the volatility of it, how just how hard it is to ‘be’. This is all reflected by a snappily edited propaganda montage and lighting from Sophia Rose Powell that make you say stuff like “This song sounds purple”. The clever sods! Plus, I reckon one of the lyrics is a reference to another one of their singles ‘Silver Screen’ which is a perfect Segway into saying: Put this band’s name into your search bar. Listen to their songs. Thank me later.

Video By Sophia Powell

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